Just Fresh Co Turmeric Latte

Turmeric is well known for it's anti-inflammatory properties as well as many others.

Adding Turmeric to your daily diet can have many benefits linked with its well rounded health benefits, one of the ways you can incorporate Turmeric is through drinks... and we definitely recommend trying a turmeric latte!


What you'll need:

- 250ml Milk of choice: dairy, or plant-based

- 1 TBSP Just Fresh Co Turmeric Juice

- Optional: Honey for sweetener

- We recommend using a milk frother



- Combine your milk, Just Fresh Co Turmeric Juice and sweetener (optional)

- Heat your milk with your preferred method (you could use a milk frother, a sauce pan or microwave)

- If you haven't used a frother to heat your latte then use your milk frother to 'fluff up' your latte

- Enjoy!

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